Meet Our Curator
Pharmaceutical Expert

Raymond Pogir : Curator S.A. National Pharmacy Museum

Raymond Pogir is the South African National Pharmacy Museum Curator.  Ray has been a passionate pharmacist for over 60 years and has extensive experience in pharmacy practice.  He is not only a past President and Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa but has been recognised through several prestigious awards from the profession.  Ray is as unique and priceless as the artefacts he takes care of within the museum.

This brief bio would be incomplete without delving back into Ray’s past, which paints an elegant picture of his perfect fit as the curator of this South African heritage.  Before qualifying way back when pharmacists had to acquire a wide range of skills needed to prepare the Doctors prescriptions. This was before the Pharmaceutical factories started producing the chemical molecules which are the basis of modern medicine.  The practical training was provided during three years of apprenticeship under the guidance of an experienced pharmacist who was known as the Master.  This is where the skills needed to prepare pills, cachets, powders, suppositories, ointments, mixtures and other medications was imparted to the to the trainee. On completion of this training, which was monitored by the South African Pharmacy Board, the student was able to attend Pharmacy School and write the final examinations.

The museum is fortunate to have been able to collect a full range of all the equipment that was used in the pharmacies until the late 1930’s and early 1940’s.  The museum has been arranged to allow one a trip into the past, demonstrating the skills needed to use all the now redundant artefacts.

If being blown away by the equipment is not enough, shelves and bottles are filled with a wide variety of original ingredients which go back to the look of the early pharmacies.

Do not miss the opportunity to be taken on a tour of a life time, with a curator that spent many years working with all these unique priceless artefacts, with personal stories to share that warm the heart and open the imagination.