Tour Availability

Opening Hours  : Weekdays 8:30 – 16:00

Tours outside the above can be made by special arrangement.

Please fill in the Book A Tour form or alternatively call us.

Tour Group Size: 5-25 (maximum) for a guided tour

Price : R40.00 per Adult / R20.00 per Student

Secure parking available, arrival refreshments included in the above charge.

Be Intrigued

How about a meander through a few hundred years of pharmacy nostalgia?

Come walk with me to view apothecary jars from the years 1550 onwards.

Beautifully decorated storage jars, leeche jars, 1820 settlers’ medicine chest.

Equipment from the era of “secundum artem” to make cachets, pills, suppositories, infusions and many other preparations.

Be Captivated

Do you remember how to use:

Powder folders and cork presses. Pill rounders and coating cups.

Cachet filling apparatus and rice-paper cachets.

Who was the pharmacist prisoner of war who inscribed “Ceylon 1901” on his hand-made spatula while pining away in a camp?

The original minute-book of the meeting in King Williamstown on the 13th June 1885 recording the formation of the South African Pharmaceutical Association.


We have a wide range of pharmacognosy specimen’s,

Beautiful sets of bottles and jars displayed in a pharmacy from the early 1900’s.

A “home- made” eucalyptus oil distillation unit,

Script books with the original doctor’s scripts from the late 1800’s,

Pill Machines in sizes ranging from 24’s, 30’s to 50’s.

“The collection is unique in South Africa and is a fascinating visual experience of the development of pharmacy over the last four or five centuries.”

– Ray Pogir